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BabyBeat Display/Recorder Fetal Doppler

Includes a 2 oz tube of ultrasound gel, recording cable, manual, and 3 AA batteries.
BabyBeat Display/Recorder Fetal Doppler
Model BB250A
Choose Your Rental Option
6-Month Prepaid Rental $33/month
3-Month Prepaid Rental $36/month
Month to Month Rental $39/month
Fetal Doppler Monitors are regulated by the FDA and require a physicians approval. User agrees to consult a medical professional before using a fetal Doppler.

The rental amount, as stated on order form and included with your Doppler, will be charged to the credit card given. The initial charge will be made the day which the Doppler is shipped. Monthly rentals will be billed each month thereafter. Prepaid rentals will begin billing monthly at the same discounted rate per month after the prepaid rental period ends. The rental fee includes all taxes. Shipping charges will be charged with the first month's rental. Charges will continue to be incurred each month until the Doppler monitor is returned. When returning the Doppler, please contact us and charges will be held for 7 days past the bill date. Rental fees are not pro-rated.

Once the account becomes 3 months past due:

You must return the BabyBeat fetal heartbeat Doppler and pay all past rental fees or the account will be turned over to a collection agency.


During the rental period, BabyBeat warrants that the home Doppler will perform to standard specifications. BabyBeat will replace any unit that fails during the rental period. If the doppler is damaged by misuse, neglect or accident, the customer assumes full liability for repair costs. If the doppler is lost, stolen or destroyed, the customer will be charged the full purchase price of the unit.

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This unit is our best selling Digital Display Doppler

**All BabyBeat fetal Dopplers are regulated by the FDA. The FDA regulates all USA made Dopplers for stringent quality control standards.

This unit provides:
  • Large heartrate display
  • Built-in recorder
  • Audio speaker
  • 10-day no hassle guarantee

BabyBeat fetal Dopplers allow you to have the reassurance of hearing your baby's heartbeat at home.

Form a special bond with your unborn child with a fetal Doppler.

Listen to the true sounds of your baby's heartbeat as early as 10-12 weeks.

With BabyBeat's accurate display, the heartrate is calculated for you and displayed on the large, easy-to-read screen. No need to count the beats per minute.

Record the precious sounds of your baby's heartbeat to share the joy of pregnancy with family and friends. You can save the recordings to a computer and send them via email!

You can also have BabyBeat download your baby's last recorded heartbeat and put it on a CD for a truly unique keepsake. Send the Doppler back with the last recorded heartbeat and we can make you a wonderful keepsake CD. Details.
Large, informative display - This BabyBeat fetal Doppler offers a large digital display with accurate heart rate readout. Our display is much larger and easier to read than the competitors units. It also signals remaining battery life and has an extended (50 to 220 beats per minute) heart rate indicator.

3 MHz probe - BabyBeat fetal dopplers use 3 MHz probes, proven to pick up those small fetal heart tones earlier in pregnancy than a 2 MHz probe. Over 90% of OBs, hospitals, and midwives choose 3 MHz over 2 MHz (just ask your doctor what type of probe they use).

Built-in recorder - BabyBeat's recording Dopplers are the only Dopplers that let you record your baby's heartbeat by simply pressing a button.

Noise reduction - This BabyBeat Doppler features a special audio processor, which removes noise caused by moving the probe across the skin.

Superior sound quality - The speakers inside this Doppler are much clearer and much more durable than other Doppler speakers.

Comfortable fit - This BabyBeat Doppler comfortably fits in your hand with all functions right at your finger tips. The soft-touch probe has a round, comfortable tip.
Dimensions (h w l): 5.5 x 2.76 x 1.38 inches; 14 x 7 x 3.5 cm

Weight: 11.29 ounces; 320 grams

Battery voltage, type: 3 AA alkaline 1.5 volt (non-rechargeable)

Battery life: 1250 1-minute exams

Recording rate/duration: 4 KHz, 32 seconds

Heart rate calculation accuracy: +/-3 BPM over range 50 to 220 BPM

Audio cable pin out: 3.5 mm plug
Rental Agreement: In renting the BabyBeat, customer is agreeing to abide by all terms stated in the rental agreement.

Billing: Every rental will be billed the day the unit is shipped out. There is no need to contact us to extend the rental period, just when you are ready to return the unit.

Month to Month Rentals: Monthly rentals will be billed each month thereafter. You will continue to be billed the rental amount each month until the unit is returned or the purchase price of $699 is reached.

Prepaid Rentals: Prepaid rentals will begin billing monthly at the same discounted rate per month after the prepaid rental period ends. You will continue to be billed each month until the unit is returned or the purchase price of $699 is reached.

BabyBeat reserves the right to upgrade any rental Doppler with a unit that has all requested features.

*The purchase price is not discounted when the unit is rent-to-own. For discounts to apply, the unit must be purchased upfront.
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