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Tips on Using the BabyBeat Fetal Doppler Monitor

1. A full bladder often helps. It helps push the uterus forward to hear those small fetal heartbeats.

2. Early in pregnancy it is good to start in the middle of the abdomen (in line with the belly button) but right above the pubic hair line. If you have already heard the baby's heartbeat at the doctor's office, this is always a good place to start looking.

3. Move the doppler probe slowly - it is easy to scan over the heartbeat.

4. Tilt the ultrasound probe downward toward the pubic bone.

5. Be sure to use plently of Doppler ultrasound gel. If you run out, you can order a 8.5 oz bottle of Doppler gel from us or you can try body lotion or KY Jelly. Be sure to remove all air bubbles in the lotion to prevent static.

6. If you have trouble distinguishing the sounds you hear, please listen to the CD included with the unit.

7. It is normal at times to pick up the baby's heartbeat in more than one place. You may hear the same heartbeat a few inches apart - do not be alarmed, the Doppler is just intersecting the heart in a different location. Physicians listen for the difference in two heartbeats to determine if there are two fetuses.

8. If you are carrying twins, it can be difficult to distinguish between heartbeats (even physicians have a hard time with this). It is best to count the heartbeats and find two different rates. You can count the beats for 15 seconds and multiply that number by 4 to figure the beats per minute.

Trouble Shooting the BabyBeat Dopplers

1. Do I need special ultrasound lotion or gel?

All BabyBeat Dopplers come with a small (2.5 oz) tube of ultrasound gel. When this runs out, you can order a 8.5 oz bottle of the gel from us. You can place your order right on our website. Click here to order. Many mothers feel body lotion also works well with the Doppler although some increased static may be heard.

2. One the BabyBeat with Recorder, BA150, what if the On/Off LED is flashing?

If the On/Off LED is flashing at a low rate (approximately once per second) the battery level is low. Several sessions can still be performed in this state of operation. The On/Off LED will flash at a higher rate (approximately twice per second) when the battery level is very low. The user should change the batteries soon after the current session is complete.

3. on the BabyBeat Display with Recorder, BB250A, what if the outline of the battery icon is flashing?

If the battery outline is flashing, the battery is low and should be replaced with three new AA alkaline batteries.

4. What if the unit shuts off during use?

The unit will automatically shut off after 3 minutes of non-use. Faint signals may not reset the timer. Or the batteries may be low and need to be replaced.

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