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Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Gel

Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Gel
Model GEL
Choose Your Size
8.5 oz bottle = $6.95
2.0 oz tube = $2.95
  • One 2 oz tube included with every Doppler order
  • 2 oz tube normally lasts 1-2 months
  • 8.5 oz bottle normally last 4-6 months
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    • Superior coupling efficiency to maximize the fetal heart sounds
    • Free of fragrance and color
    • Will not stain clothing
    • Non-damaging to fetal Doppler equipment
    • Hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, non-irritating
    • Water soluble
    • No formaldehyde
    • Not a spermicide

    • *Refunds will not be issued on returned gel due to sanitary reasons.

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