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All New! Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor (combines the best of Lady-Comp and Baby)

All New! Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor (combines the best of Lady-Comp and Baby)
Model LC-FM
Choose your payment option
12 monthly payments = $45/month
6 monthly payments = $88
3 monthly payments = $173
Purchase Price = $495
The monthly billing amount, as stated on order form and included with your fertility monitor, will be charged to the credit card given. The initial charge will be made the day which the monitor is shipped, and future payments will be billed each month thereafter. Shipping charges will be charged with the original order.

If the the card is declined for 3 consecutive months:

You must return the fertility monitor and pay all past monthly fees or the account will be turned over to a collection agency.


All manufacturer warranties apply.
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The all-new Lady-Comp This brand new Lady-Comp combines all the functions of its predecessors Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby in one device. The unbeatable algorithm has been tested for over 30 years and is constantly being further developed. And thanks to its simple handling, you have everything you need for natural family planning combined in one device! The new Lady-Comp fertility tracker shows you whether you are currently fertile or not - and from the first day! Thanks to the sophisticated software, you also get comprehensive insight into your cycle history and a menstruation forecast for the next 6 months.

In addition to the functions you need for cycle tracking, the new Lady-Comp is also perfect for addressing the topic of family planning, just as previous customers have been used to for years with their Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby fertility monitors.

The user interface has been completely revised and is now even faster and more intuitive to use. It is even simpler to get started with cycle tracking and natural family planning. Lady-Comp fertility tracker has a quick-start guide so that you understand its features and use immediately, and you can start measuring the very next morning after receiving it.
  • Prevent pregnancy naturally or maximize your chances of becoming pregnant
  • 99.3% effective
  • Determines fertile days
  • Analyzes your cycle based on basal body temperature (BBT)
Agreement: In purchasing the Lady-Comp from BabyBeat, customer is agreeing to abide by all terms stated in the payment agreement.

Billing: The card on file will be billed on the day the unit is shipped out and on the same date each month until the unit is paid in full.

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