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  • I am 11 weeks pregnant with my second child. I rented a Doppler from with my first pregnancy. I decided I would save money this time and buy my own from Big mistake. I couldn't hear anything. Not even my own heartbeat.
    Since I've used a Doppler in the past I knew what I should be hearing. I was very worried that something was wrong with the baby but since I couldn't even hear my own heartbeat I was hoping that it was just the Doppler.
    Because I was so concerned I immediately rented another Doppler from I got it 2 days later and was able to hear the beautiful sound of our baby's heartbeat.
    There is definitely a huge difference in the quality between the Doppler I ordered on and the Doppler I ordered from I would never recommend getting a Doppler from anyone else besides BabyBeat. It's worth the peace of mind!-Jennifer, TX

  • I would certainly recommend the BabyBeat Dopplers to any pregnant mother. After having a stillborn baby with my last pregnancy I really needed a lot of reassurance. The Doppler I rented from BabyBeat gave me that. I rented Model BB100. It worked great. The size of the probe made it much easier to find the baby's heartbeat than other Dopplers on the market. BabyBeat's customer service department was great too. They were there to answer any question that I had.-Erin, CA

  • When I was 35 weeks along I noticed that I hadn't felt my baby move like he normally did. I used my doppler to try to find his heartbeat, and when I did it was very low suggesting that he was in distress. I went to the hospital right away and after checking on me and the baby my doctor decided that my baby needed to be delivered immediately. I had my baby about an hour and a half after initially find my baby's low heartbeat at home. The cord was wrapped around my baby's neck and also my placenta had started to die off and pull apart reducing the oxygen my baby was getting. Being able to check on my baby via the doppler helped to save his life. Thank you so much for offering this type of product. It was truly a life-saver!.-Grace, TX

  • I just returned the BabyBeat Audio Doppler and I must say, I was very pleased with my baby's music (heartbeat and body movements). I rented the monitor when I was only 3 months along due to my having previous miscarriage and wanted to make sure the baby was ok at all times. Being able to hear her whenever I wanted made me feel at ease and put a big smile on my face. Now, at 8 months along, I am sooo excited to feel her kicking and moving. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful service. I've informed all my girlfriends of BabyBeat's products and will rent again from you guys in the future.-Cherisse, MD

  • I just loved having the BabyBeat Doppler. It really did meet all of my expectations and I was treated so great with customer service. I am 100% satisfied and would always recommend BabyBeat. Thank you for such a godd experience!.-Kristin, CA

  • When I was looking for a doppler, I was overwhelmed with the huge variety and price range for purchasing. I wanted something that I was certain would work. The babybeat doppler is expensive to purchase, but very reasonable to rent. I did a 3-month rental as I'm in my 6th month right now. My husband and I spend time every morning and night listening to our baby's heartbeat and movements. It's wonderful and a great investment for peace of mind. Highly recommended for all pregnant women...-Jennifer, WA

  • I just rented a BabyBeat Doppler for the second time. After losing twins in 1998, when I got pregnant again a year later, I was a wreck! I had heard about the BabyBeat Dopplers from a pregnancy circle message board. I decided that the monthly fee was worth my peace of mind. I could hear my baby's heartbeat at only 11 weeks along! I am now 11 weeks along again and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the BabyBeat Doppler again.-Tammy, PA

  • I've had my BabyBeat since I was 10 weeks pregnant. After 5 miscarriages this little machine was my lifesaver. I am now scheduled to deliver my baby in 4 days and just now getting ready to ship my BabyBeat back to you. Hearing my baby's heartbeat daily has kept me calm and given me peace of mind throughout my pregnancy. -Shannon, California

  • You offer a service that is a great benefit and reassuring to the expectant mother. My first doctor appointment wasn't until 14 weeks and I just couldn't wait to hear the heartbeat. I was able to find it every once and awhile at 10 weeks, and all the time after 11 weeks. -Nicole, Wisconsin

  • I have never experienced such an outstanding level of customer service in all my life experience. BabyBeat truly makes you feel as though the customer is #1 and I would recommended them to anyone! I look forward to doing business with them in all my future pregnancies. -Dawn, Maryland

  • BabyBeat was an invaluable service to us. We recommend BabyBeat to everyone we encounter. -Lee, Texas

  • This was the BEST $30 a month I've ever spent. It made me overjoyed everytime I heard my little guy's heartbeat. I will definitely rent your Doppler again and recommend to all my friends when they are expecting. -Jodi, California

  • The website was very user friendly and when I did contact customer service they were more than happy to help me. I'm very glad to have had your services available to me. I used it before I could feel my baby move and it was very reassuring. I found out about through a friend and will be glad to pass it on. Thanks so much! -Debora, Mississippi

  • My husband passed away 17 days before our twin girls were born, after being hospitalized for 2 months after heart surgery. He was very optimistic about the success of his surgery and very excited to finally become a father. I had wanted this for him - for us - for the 9.5 years we have been together. After 4.5 years and $26,000 to create our family, we didn't do it in time. We loved listening to their heartbeats. It made us excited to become a family. -Stephanie, Oregon

  • What a useful and wonderful tool to help guide you through pregnancy. If not for the BabyBeat, my pregnancy would have been a lot more worrisome and stressful. Thank you for such a great product at a good price. Customer service was A+++. -Jennifer, Nebraska

  • After suffering a stillborn baby at 36 weeks, I was able to have peace of mind. It's very assuring to hear your baby's heartbeat at your convenience instead of having to wait 4 weeks between doctor's visits. My husband, son and I are so pleased we decided to use BabyBeat! I recommend it to anyone who is expecting. -Darlyne, New York

  • BabyBeat was very reassuring for my triplet pregnancy after multiple miscarriages. While it was nearly impossible to find all three in a "sitting", (sometimes doctors don't even try without a visual ultrasound), finding a heartbeat or two or three was reassuring that the pregnancy was surviving. Only a couple more weeks until the babies are here!

  • Loved it! Thank you so much. BabyBeat was a total lifesaver. I miscarried my last pregnancy and was not aware the baby had died for many weeks. When I became pregnant again I was terrified the same thing would happen. I would have been a basketcase waiting 4 weeks between ob exams to hear the heartbeat. The reassurance BabyBeat gave me was invaluable. Thanks! -Katie

  • After having two miscarriages, having the BabyBeat at home was VERY reassuring. Being able to listen everyday was GREAT! We will rent again with our next baby. Thanks so much! We loved it!

  • I love this service. It's so nice to be able to use this in your home. I'll definitely be a customer through my next pregnancy. -Dea, Indiana