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Newman Recorder Fetal Doppler

Newman Recorder Fetal Doppler
Model BB170A
Purchase = $599. SALE = $474
6-Month Prepaid Rental $25/month
3-Month Prepaid Rental $30/month
Month to Month Rental $35/month
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Baby Dopplers, or fetal Dopplers, are used to hear your baby's heartbeat. While using a Doppler to form an immediate bond with your unborn baby, or if you are using it to monitor your baby for a variety of medical reasons, having 24-hour access to your BabyBeat Doppler allows you to have the reassurance of hearing your baby's heartbeat at home.

BabyBeat carries only USA made, FDA approved, medical grade baby Dopplers. The Dopplers we stock are the same Dopplers trusted by doctors throughout the country.

For expecting parents that don't want to purchase a unit, we offer a wide variety of rental options that allow affordable access to a professional Doppler at the same price as foreign imitations.

When it comes to monitoring your baby's heartbeat, trust the same equipment that doctors trust - refusing to settle for a non-FDA cleared imitation or an unreliable new-age app that connects to your smart phone. These cheaper units often are unable to pick up a baby's heartbeat even when nothing is wrong, needlessly increasing parent's anxiety.

When it comes to your unborn baby, choose the best. Choose BabyBeat.
Rental Agreement: In renting the BabyBeat, customer is agreeing to abide by all terms stated in the rental agreement.

Billing: Every rental will be billed the day the unit is shipped out. There is no need to contact us to extend the rental period, just when you are ready to return the unit.

Month to Month Rentals: Monthly rentals will be billed each month thereafter. You will continue to be billed the rental amount each month until the unit is returned or the purchase price of $599 is reached.

Prepaid Rentals: Prepaid rentals will begin billing monthly at the same discounted rate per month after the prepaid rental period ends. You will continue to be billed each month until the unit is returned or the purchase price of $599 is reached.

BabyBeat reserves the right to upgrade any rental Doppler with a unit that has all requested features.

*The purchase price is not discounted when the unit is rent-to-own. For discounts to apply, the unit must be purchased upfront.

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