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A Very Special Keepsake from BabyBeat

(Special because we're the only Doppler company that can offer it!)

An exclusive offer from the only home fetal Doppler company that can make it.

Now you can have BabyBeat download your baby's last recorded heartbeat and put it on a CD for a truly unique keepsake.

Simply rent any BabyBeat unit with a recorder and save the last recorded heartbeat. A form will be included with the unit for you to fill out and return with the unit to order the CD.

Only $8.99! (price includes shipping.) And if you would like to send one to grandparents or friends, you can order additional copies for only $3.00 each.

The ordering information is included with each recorder unit. You do not need to order from the website.

*You must have a BabyBeat with recorder to take advantage of this offer. BabyBeat is not responsible for recordings that are erased before shipment or during transit.