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HMAA Maternity Program

HMAA Maternity Program
Model BabyBeat/HMAA
  • 6-month use of fetal Doppler
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As part of their Maternity and Baby Care Incentive Program, The Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA) has partnered with BabyBeat to provide patients with a free six-month rental of a physician-grade Fetal Doppler.

This unit provides you the reassurance of hearing your baby's heartbeat at home during your pregnancy.

With the provided BabyBeat unit you can simply count the beats per minute to get the heart rate. Just count the number of beats for 15 seconds and multiply by 4 to get the beats per minute.
These fetal Dopplers feature easy-to-use 3 MHz probes. BabyBeat chooses 3 MHz probes for all of their fetal Dopplers due to the proven record of picking up those small fetal heart tones earlier in pregnancy than 2 MHz probes. Over 90% of OBs, hospitals, and midwives choose 3 MHz over 2 MHz probes.

These unit are also known for their Excellent sound quality. The speakers inside our Dopplers provide a crisp, clear sound while searching for and listening to baby's heartbeat.

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