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What Makes BabyBeat's Recorder Special

BabyBeat's Dopplers are the only ones that were specifically designed to be used for recording, therefore having a built-in recorder. We recommend recording your baby's heartbeat directly into the Doppler and then transferring this recording to your computer. You can simply record the heartbeat into the unit, and you can do this as many times as you like. You can re-record the heartbeat until you get the perfect recording before downloading this to your computer. There is no need to hook the system directly into your computer to try to get a recording of your baby's heartbeat.
All of our competitors units require you to hook the unit directly into your computer to record. It is important to note that computers are NOT designed for use as part of a patient-connected medical system, this includes Dopplers connected to computers. No Doppler manufacturing company recommends hooking the Doppler directly into a line powered computer while in use.