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Purchase Virtual OB Patient Kit

Purchase Virtual OB Patient Kit
Purchase Options
Doppler w/ 8.5oz gel bottle $78
Doppler & BP Monitor $140
Doppler, BP Monitor & Scale $168
  • All options are a purchase of the items
  • Choice of:
    Fetal Doppler
    Doppler & Blood Pressure Monitor
    Doppler, Blood Pressure Monitor & Scale
  • 8.5oz gel & Shipping Included
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As part of your OB care and in partnership with BabyBeat, we are providing patients with your choice of a fetal Doppler, blood pressure monitor and weight scale.

This kit also includes; ultrasound gel, batteries, instructions for use, and a return shipping label to be used to return the kit once finished using it. All orders are billable to the credit card entered.

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