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Virtual OB Kit Patient Rental

Virtual OB Kit Patient Rental
Model VOB
Rental Options
Doppler Only $78
Doppler & BP Monitor $85
Doppler, BP Monitor & Scale $97
  • All options are a 3-month rental
  • Choice of:
    Fetal Doppler
    Doppler & Blood Pressure Monitor
    Doppler, Blood Pressure Monitor & Scale
  • Shipping & Return Included
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As part of our OB care program, we have partnered with BabyBeat to provide patients with a three-month rental of physician-grade equipment; including your choice of a fetal Doppler, blood pressure monitor and weight scale.
Patient Acknowledgement & Rental Agreement:

I understand that this rental is provided through a partnership with BabyBeat to provide me with the options of a fetal Doppler, a blood pressure monitor, and a weight scale to use during my virtual visits. This kit also includes; ultrasound gel, batteries, instructions for use, and a return shipping label to be used to return the kit at the end of the 3-month lease.

I understand that if I do not return the full kit to BabyBeat at the end of the rental period, it will automatically renew on a month to month basis and will be billed to the credit card entered at the time of order.

All units are warrantied for coverage against damage, but not loss or theft. Units must be returned to BabyBeat.

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