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Why More Parents Choose BabyBeat

    Customer Care
    At BabyBeat customers are our top priority and we have set the standard in customer service. Each customer is an individual and is treated with personal care and service. We treat you the way we would like to be treated.

    Product Knowledge
    BabyBeat can help you with any aspect of using any of our products - from distinguishing sounds to proper placement on the abdomen. For our Dopplers, our exclusive CD and user's manual are great at giving guidance, but if you need more help simply call and we can walk you through the process and listen to the sounds. Having used the fetal Dopplers, we can provide better assitance with your questions.

    Customer Service's on-line store is supported by live customer service representatives 8:00am - 5:00pm MST M-F at our toll-free number, 1-888-758-8822. They can assist you with any questions you may have concerning the product and its use.
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    Top Rated Website is rated a TOP SERVICE store by Yahoo!Shopping due to excellent service rating by our customers. No easy feat in today's marketplace!

    BabyBeat was the VERY FIRST company to offer Dopplers for pregnant women to use at home and continues to be the market leader.
    Parents have been trusting in BabyBeat for over a decade. And you can trust that we will be here today, tomorrow and in the future to serve you with the same "total satisfaction" guarantee that we have served all our past customers. There is a reason we remain number one in the industry.

    We use 3 MHz doppler probes.
    Why does BabyBeat recommend 3 MHz probes for fetal heart detection?

    In a word, experience. Today more than 90% of OBs, hospitals, and midwives choose 3 MHz because they know from the results of literally millions of exams (not a handful) that 3 MHz works better. Ask your ob what probe they use. Only in a few special cases does a 2 MHz work better, such as on very overweight mothers when the fetus lies very deep. We provide 2 MHz probes as well so if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

    We have built-in recorders.
    BabyBeat's built-in recorders are what truly set us apart from other Dopplers available on the market today.

    BabyBeat fetal Dopplers are specifically designed to be used for recording. You can simply record the heartbeat into the unit, no other Doppler offers this feature.

    The BabyBeat fetal Doppler can pick up fetal heart tones as early as 8-9 weeks.
    However, we feel much more comfortable recommending an average of 10-12 weeks. Of course we want all of our customers to find the fetal heartbeat as early as possible, but we also don't want any customer to experience any unnecessary stress or strain that may be caused by using the Doppler too early. Many doctors don't look for the heartbeat any earlier than 10-12 weeks.

    Our satisfaction guarantee can not be beat.
    BabyBeat allows you a full 10 days from receipt of your Doppler to try it out and make sure you like it. Contact us within 10 days and we will exchange the unit or refund your rental fee.

    We sterilize our Dopplers.
    BabyBeat sterilizes and professionally repackages all Dopplers before they are shipped.

    BabyBeat Dopplers are regulated by the FDA.
    The FDA regulates that the BabyBeat is safe for continual use during pregnancy. Not all Dopplers on the market are regulated.
    Using an ultrasound Doppler at home does require the approval of your healthcare provider. Please obtain approval before renting the BabyBeat Doppler.

    BabyBeat Dopplers are manufactured in the USA by a US owned company.
    Many Dopplers are manufactured in foreign countries without the same quality standards.