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BabyBeat offers only the best for your baby.
  • PROFESSIONAL UNITS - We have been in business for over 20 years, offering only professional, FDA cleared Doppler units. We provide units to healthcare providers for Telemedicine visits across the nation.
  • SUPERIOR COMPONENTS - We do not offer foreign made, inferior or illegal units. When it comes to your unborn baby, trust what your doctor trusts.
  • STRINGENT CLEANING PRACTICES - BabyBeat follows FDA guidelines in our cleaning and sterilizing practices. All units are cleaned with hospital grade cleaners and all packaging and included items are replaced with each unit.
  • GREEN COMPANY - Protect our planet by reusing higher end equipment. Unlike the cheaper units you can buy, these are not made for single pregnancy use to end up in a landfill.
  • Featured Products
    Newman Display Fetal Doppler
    Priced From:
    As low as $39/month
    Summit Display/Recorder Fetal Doppler
    Priced From:
    As low as $39/month
    Summit Recorder Fetal Doppler
    Priced From:
    As low as $25/month