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BabyBeat OB-Focus Partner Program

Our program meets your practice needs

  • We focus YOUR specific program to run the way you would like it to.
  • Can be paid for by the patient or the practice.

Increase patient satisfaction

At BabyBeat, it's our business to help expecting parents through their pregnancy. As a healthcare provider make sure your patients are using safe, high-quality products to:

  • Reduce unnecessary calls or appointments.
  • Help your patients have a lower stress level during pregnancy.
  • Tailor care to patient needs, preferences and lifestyles.

Why partner with BabyBeat?
  • Using a high-quality Doppler at home helps monitor fetal well-being, reduce stress and increase bonding with baby.
  • BabyBeat is the largest distributor of home fetal Dopplers.
  • We are committed to supporting healthcare providers - no other company has a record like we do.
  • Our quality control process ensures your patient receives the best equipment. We continually add new equipment with the latest, most up-to-date technology.

Our partnership program is available at no cost or obligation to hospitals, offices and healthcare networks nationwide.

Please contact us for a free OB-Focus Program Kit or more information at or 1-888-758-8822.